Wedding Veils And Hairpieces Galore

Veil or Hairpiece

There are several styles of wedding veils and hairpieces out in the market, which could make it difficult for a bride to decide on the right one. Firstly, a bride must select her wedding dress, and from there a proper wedding veil or hairpiece can be chosen.

Usually a bridal store or designer will display more than one option for a single wedding dress, which can be beneficial for an indecisive bride. The number of veils a bride can choose from are endless. No matter the budget, most boutiques offer a wide variety of both items in order to suit the bride, and make her day all the more complete and spectacular.

Wedding Veils of Every Kind

Veil sizes range from short and above the face to shoulder length, waist length, chapel, or cathedral. Normally a veil is sheer and the face of the bride can be seen. However, a veil might also be made of a thicker material to ensure that the bride is not seen until the unveiling at the altar. Short wedding veils tend to compliment up-do hairstyles. A netted visor veil is typically seen paired with a vintage wedding dress. Visor wedding veils are about 3"" to 18"" long and only cover about half of the face. Sequence, pearls, and rhinestones can be added on to give the veil a more dainty manner. Short veils such as visor veils, commonly are matched with antiquarian hairpieces. A shoulder length veil can complete any summer time wedding gown. For a more traditionally designed wedding dress, a chapel veil would suit perfectly. White and ivory are the two main colors usually used for most wedding veils. Frequently, a wedding veil would be fashioned from sheer material such as, silk tulle or nylon. A lace trim is classic, elegant, and is commonly seen on a cathedral styled veil. Just like a wedding cake, a veil can have more than one tier cascading from the top of a bride's head, down to her feet. The veil was created to cover the bride and her face as a representation. A virgin bride is to be shown off at the altar as a gift to her soon to be husband. In most religious cultures the veil is a strong symbol of faith; the unveiling of the bride is to be priceless and special.

Wedding Hairpieces

The great thing about hairpieces is that they can go with almost any style of wedding dress. The most classic style of hairpieces is the bridal headband. This particular hairpiece is small and dainty. A bride can either ware her hair in an up-do or completely down, while sporting a bridal headband. Other hairpieces include tiaras. For any bride who is wanting to feel more like a princess, a tiara is the best type of hairpiece to wear.

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A tiara can come in any shape or size, and be decorated a number of ways. Some tiaras are petite and some are over the top gaudy. A tiara generally exemplifies royalty and stature. Most tiaras are jewel covered and sparkly, but there are other tiaras that are simply unique and one of a kind. A pearled tiara is not normally paired with just any type of wedding dress, it is usually seen with a simple yet elegant gown. For the bride who has a more whimsical wedding dress, a flowered tiara might suit quite well. Other hairpieces such as flower clips are absolutely stunning, especially when the bride has an up-do hairstyle. If a bride wishes, she could have jeweled clips placed strategically in her hair to match any jewels on her wedding dress. Hairpieces also consist of feathered bands and clip-on's. This style is occasionally accompanied by a themed wedding dress. Hats, believe it or not are often used as hairpieces, and can also be seen more frequently in a themed ceremony. Flower hairpieces pair great with a summer or spring wedding dress, or even a beach themed affair. In some traditions and cultures, real flowers are intertwined to make an exquisitely vibrant tiara for the bride. The Spanish, Mexican and Hawaiian cultures commonly incorporate vivid colors in most customs. Should a bride ever find herself in a predicament, she could always seek help from a bridal specialist and make the right choice for her dress.

No Matter the Cost

If desired, a bride could have her hairpiece tailor made to her liking. For the bride who might not have an abundant budget, she could simply find her veil or hairpiece in a less expensive boutique. Another approach to saving money on a hairpiece or veil, is to have the bride make it herself. Some of the most beautiful pieces can be found by those who take matters into their own hands and create a work of art. However, for the bride who has no spending limit, a diamond tiara would appeal to any over the top gown. Whatever the theme or budget, a bride should feel stunning on her special day whether she is wearing a veil, tiara, or any other type of hairpiece.