Wedding Party

A wedding is a special event and one that you want to share with those closest to you. One of the ways to create the wedding of your dreams is to make sure you have the right ensemble of special people for your wedding party. From bridesmaids to groomsmen and a ring bearer and flower girl; the right combination will bring you joy and tranquility when everyone comes together for you special day. You will also want to include the parents of both the bride and groom, as this truly rounds out the wedding party so that everyone special in your lives is included and an integral part of the big day.

For the brides side of the wedding party, it is common to have a maid or matron of honor who presides over the rest of the bridesmaids. The groom typically has a best man and groomsmen for his side of the wedding party. Though the older members, such as the bridesmaids and groomsmen will be integral in the ceremony and planning for the wedding, it is the ring bearer and flower girl who will draw the most attention during the ceremony itself. You should choose a flower girl who is either related to you or is a child of a close friend, and the same goes for the ring bearer. The flower girl needs to be dressed in a flowing gown that matches well with what the bridesmaids are wearing and the ring bearer should be dressed in a small suit or tuxedo. Both the ring bearer and flower girl needs to be chosen early on so that the parents have time to prepare the children for the big day. The flower girl will walk down the aisle ahead of the ring bearer and she will spread flower petals along the aisle or simply carry a miniature bouquet of flowers. The ring bearer, who follows the flower girl, carries the rings for both bride and groom on a satin or silk pillow which matches the rest of the wedding colors. The job of both flower girl and ring bearer is important when you are having a formal or casual wedding and want to have the added joy and innocence the children bring to the event. Having a ring bearer and flower girl is a nice compliment to any wedding party.

The other parts of the wedding party actually do not stand at the front of the ceremony as do bridesmaids and groomsmen, however, they are equally as important in the affair. The parents of both bride and groom are key members of the wedding party, and have a special place in the wedding ceremony and service.Mothers attire needs to match the fathers attire, and both need to coordinate or compliment the rest of the wedding party.Mothers attire needs to match with the theme of the wedding. Appropriatemothers attire for a formal wedding can be a floor length gown or fitted suit.Mothers attire for a more casual wedding can be a pants suit or a long dress.

If you are having a theme wedding, themothers attire needs to be in sync with the rest of the dresses being worn by the wedding party.Mothers attire for a beach wedding can be as relaxed as shorts and a tee or a simple sundress. The rightmothers attire is one that makes the mother of either the bride or groom feel comfortable and radiant confidence. The mother of the bride and the mother of the groom need to choosemothers attire that is different from one another, yet has the same style and feel so that the two do not clash with one another.

The father of both bride and groom are also included in a wedding, and need to have the appropriate fathers attire as well. For the most part, the father of the bride will wear fathers attire that matches with the rest of the wedding party as he will stand up in front of the guests as he gives his daughter away during the ceremony.

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One way to have the fathers attire for the bride's father differ is to have a different corsage or sash used to help signify his importance. The father of the groom, though not as visible during the ceremony, still needs to be dressed in fathers attire that is appropriate and it is always best to allow him to be dressed in fathers attire in the same manner as the father of the bride. Fathers attire should be formal or casual, depending on how the rest of the men are dressed who are in the wedding. Having both men dressed in fathers attire that is the same as the rest of the wedding group helps to create and keep a cohesive look for the wedding.