Wedding Musicians

Before a musical band or musician can be chosen, a theme must be set for the wedding and wedding reception. As soon as the theme is decided on, the couple can either choose from a DJ, live band, or both. In some cases, a live band will set the mood of the actual ceremony, and then a DJ will tend to the reception. A bride and groom must consider which songs will be played for the two most important dances, the father-daughter dance, and the first dance for the bride and groom. Typically, a wedding band is booked six months in advance. It is essential for the bride and groom to convey specifically what songs they want and at the time those songs should be played. Music for the reception might be derived from a completely different theme. Questions commonly asked when booking a musician or DJ, consist of the cost of services, the arrival time and setup, the capabilities, a list of popular wedding songs, good reviews, and the departure time.

Popular Wedding Themes & Music

Naturally the most important key points aside from the ceremony, are the reception, the first dance, the father-daughter dance, and the music which can be chosen from list of popular wedding songs born from all across the world.

- Winter Wonderland Themed Wedding

In a wedding ceremony such as a winter wonderland, the style of music normally chosen is angelic or even Christmas oriented. Popular wedding songs for this particular motif include I Do (Cherish You), There You'll Be, and Come What May. The song titled Unforgettable is an excellent song for a first dance between the wedded couple. A fabulous father-daughter dance would be When Angels Fly.

- Vintage Themed Ceremony

If the wedding is themed vintage 1920's, popular wedding songs that could be played are The Man I Love, It Had To Be You, and Blue Skies. An inspiring yet up beat musical masterpiece such as I Wanna Be Loved By You, is a marvelous first dance that can appreciate for years to come. For the father-daughter dance of a vintage wedding, What a Wonderful World is a fine choice.

-Garden Themed Wedding

A garden themed ceremony commonly displays instrumental symphonies divinely composed. Some popular wedding songs that are instrumental consist of The Garden Gate, Secret Garden, Wedding Jewels. Pertaining to this particular theme, a song like With You, might be a superb choice for the first dance a couple shares. Because this type of wedding theme is so mellow, to keep it from growing stagnant, a different style of music can be selected to liven up the reception.

-Beach Themed Ceremony

Popular wedding songs for beach themed weddings include songs such as, Summer Lovin, Moonlight Serenade, and California Dreamin. Though this is a themed wedding the song choice is endless. In most beach weddings, tropical instrumentals are incorporated to give the atmosphere a more tranquil feel. With a wedding theme such as this, the reception music is sure to be fun and inviting. Finding a song for the first dance and father-daughter dance can be an exciting and interesting experience.

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-Vegas Themed Wedding

A Vegas themed ceremony calls for nothing but Elvis. Featured songs consist of classics such as Can't Help Falling in Love, Love Me Tender, and Burning Love. Luck Be a Lady, is also a song that a couple with this theme could choose for their first dance. All music coming out of Vegas would typically be played in a Vegas themed reception. C'mon Everybody by Elvis makes a delightful father-daughter dance.

-Cultural Themed Weddings

In the Spanish community, a wedding ceremony is an epic deal. Popular wedding songs are traditionally songs that are in the Spanish language and portray vivid sounds and beats. The father-daughter dance is especially important. The Salsa is an exciting dance that the new couple might enjoy as a first dance in order to show off their strong affections for each other. In the Jewish Community, the reception is eccentric and everyone dances together closely while hoisting the bride and groom up on chairs.

Traditional Wedding

The traditional wedding theme is elegant and dainty. Popular wedding songs used for traditional weddings are the Wedding March and other classical masterpieces. The father-daughter dance and the first dance as a married couple are usually songs that hold meaning to both dancers. Butterfly Kisses is one of the most common choice for the father-daughter dance. This song is a beautiful story of a father watching his daughter grow closer to being a woman each year. The reception for a traditional wedding may hold a number of popular wedding songs. A high class ceremony might have a small orchestra as a live band.

The Ceremony in General

Whatever the theme, culture, or desire, there are several music ideas and popular wedding songs to choose from. Any reception would be complete as long as the bride and groom are satisfied with the decisions made. There is only one father-daughter dance, and one first dance as husband and wife, thus it is wise to research all the details of the ceremony in advance.