Wedding Guest List

The wedding guest list is a vital role to your wedding. Which means that you have to know how to prepare this and you need to know it's funcitons. We will cover all this as we direct you on the wedding guest list so that you have one that does you good, makes sure that you get all of the guests that you need to invite and allows you to stick to budget.

The first thing you have to understand is that there are many reasons you use your guest list. Finding out who you are going to invite in terms of guests is just one of the things you can use it for. They help you with the ordering of favors and thank yous too as favors and thank yous are a part of the wedding and you should have enough for one for each guest you invite and that is including children. You can use the guest list for seating arrangements, ordering, choosing things, and more. The more people you invite, then the more favors, food, and than yous you are going to need and some of you can't afford this.

Now, when you make the first draft of the guests, you need to look at who you want to invite. Also, you need to look at those you have to invite and include them in this. You need to make a decision of having a children or no children. This will impact many things if you do allow children there. More favors will have to be added. You will need to look at the time and the date as well. Just start creating the first list adding all the guests that you can think of inviting. Then, you need to look at your budget as to the venue you are getting and how many you can seat. If you have too many guests, then you might need to tell them they can't bring children or doing a little weeding of your list. If you aren't sure about how to eliminate who you ask to the wedding so that you have enough favors and thank yous, then here are some tips on doing this.

Look at the miles they are going to travel. It is customary that the bride and the groom reserve hotel rooms and pay for the rooms for those guests who are coming from out of town. So, you might limit how many out of town guests you invite or tell them that they are in charge of providing their own room and board. That might be the first thing that you do to limit how many you invite.

The bride and groom might want to tell their parents that they are only inviting a certain number of people that the parents want invited. This is your day. This can help to bring down the idea of how many thank yous and favors that you need to order as well as everything else that you need to order. This can greatly impact the family as they might be a little mad, but if they love you, they will understand.

Others that you might exclude are those you have not talked to in about three years. The first thing that people want to do when they work on their guestlist is run out to invite everyone they know even if they haven't talked to them in a long while. Now, if you are good friends that is one thing. As we get older we might have to move and such. However, the other thing you are going to need to understand about this is that you need to look at those that we call acquaintances.

The overall way to look to see if you are inviting the right people is first to determine the things you have to order. You have to look at prices and see how many people you can seat in the church or whatever venue you are going to use. When you do this, then you will find that you can then determine if you are going to invite children or not invite children depending on how many favors you will need for them.

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You need to look at how many thank yous you are going to need to order and make sure that you plan for extra. You can invite more people than what you set on your guest list due to the fact that not everyone is going to come, but we say to only invite 50-100 extra just to be sure that you don't go overboard. Make it a smaller amount if children are going to be included. Then, you need to get plenty extra food and favors as there will be some who only go to the reception. Then, stock up on the thank yous, you can always keep the thank yous for later. We are still using our thank yous. This is how to plan on who to invite and how to narrow down the guests on your list.