Bridal Dresses

Every bride wants to have the perfect wedding gown. There are so many choices. You have to decide what kind of neckline you want; halter, off-the-shoulder, one shoulder, strapless, scoop, etc. Then there's the fabric; lace, chiffon, eyelet, silk and the list goes on. There are different types of wedding dresses that compliment every body shape. With a little research, you can find the dress that is just right for you body. For an example, a simple silhouette dress is recommend for tall, slender brides. If your'e petite an A-line gown with a high waist helps to give you some curves.

The process can be overwhelming and financially stressful. Most brides spend anywhere from 800 to a few thousand dollars. Do your research before you start shopping for wedding dresses.

Get familiar with the different necklines, fabrics, shapes, etc. so that when you go to try on dresses you can describe the type of dress you are looking for.

Going into a wedding dress shop without any ideas will definitely take some time. Look online or in bridal magazines for dresses that you like. Save a handful of them and take them with you when you go shopping for your wedding dress.

The same can be said for bridal veils, headpieces and shoes. Pick out the dress first, as the accessories will compliment your dress. The fabric of your dress should affect the veil, headpiece and shoes. The height of the shoes is very important to make sure it fits well with the dress. Make sure your wedding shoes are comfortable, and break them in before the big day. You may even want to sandpaper the bottom of them to make sure you don't slip. The shoes should be purchased before your first alteration. The last accessory you should worry about is your bouquet.

If you chose to go with a veil, make sure the fabric is compatible with the dress. If you have a train on your dress, you want the veil to be either shorter than your train or longer than your train. You do not want them the same length. If you don't go with the traditional veil, you can wear a headpiece. There are many types of headpieces with beautiful jewelry on them that can add a wonderful touch.

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Bridesmaid dresses should look good on all of the different sizes in your bridal party. These should be ordered about four months before the wedding to give your bridesmaids time to get any alterations they need done. It is imperative that you make sure all bridesmaids try on their dress before the wedding to ensure the dress, with any alterations, fits accordingly.

Choose dresses that compliments your wedding gown. You can choose the same color, but different styles for each maid, that way each style will fit their body shape. Take into consideration each maids taste in fashion, you don't want to have the maids purchase a dress that they can never wear again. Have your maid of honor help you pick out a dress and then get a few other opinions from other girls in the wedding party. It is a nice gesture to cover some of the cost of the bridesmaids dresses, but you do not have to. Take into account their financial situations, as well as your own, and find a happy medium.

The maid of honor usually stands out from the rest of the wedding party. She can wear a different shade dress, or a different color trim. She may also have a different color and size bouquet to make her stand out.

Bridesmaid bouquets should go together with the dresses. You don't want to chose the exact same color, because it will get lost in the dress, but something of the same shade will work. You can also chose contrasting colors that will work together, such as a yellow and green. The bridesmaid bouquets should work together with your bouquet. They should not outshine your floral arrangement. Perhaps a smaller version of your bouquet in a different shade.

The grooms attire should go along with the brides dress. Most grooms go with a tuxedo, and you can never go wrong with that (given the right setting). The groom can choose between a few different styles of lapels to accentuate features. It is standard to pair a tux with a white tuxedo shirt. The jacket and shirt should be tried on together to ensure the shirt collar goes with jacket. The cummerbund should match the bow tie and suspenders should be worn instead of a belt. There are other accessories to be taken into consideration for dressing the groom such as bow ties, socks, a watch, cuff links and the kerchief.

Wether to rent or to buy the tux is up to the groom. Renting is a lot cheaper, but it is always good to have tuxedo on hand for the future. Buying the accessories is a good idea because you will most definitely need those later on.

The groomsmen should be dressed similarly to the groom, with perhaps one color difference. Don't add too much color to the groomsmen so that it is overpowering.

The rest of the wedding party, including the flower girl, ring bearer, the mothers and fathers, also require time picking out the proper attire.

This are a lot of people to dress, so do not procrastinate! Everyone should have their outfits, altered and ready, at least two months before the wedding.