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One of the most beautiful personal events one can witness is a wedding. From the bride in her gown holding a beautiful bouquet to bridesmaids and flower girls and of course the reception. This takes a lot of planning. As the wedding date approaches, less and less time will be available for wedding preparations. You want to enjoy your wedding, Most ""brides to be"" start planning at least year in advance. Some women take weeks to decide on the bouquets alone! Your bouquet and your bridesmaid's bouquets should incorporate the theme .You should book your reception ceremony site and photographer first. At this point you should have an idea of what your wedding dress will be so you can now begin looking at bouquet ideas. 

Choosing a bouquet can be fun and frustrating, friends and family will most likely want to help you choose which bouquet you get. They'll have advice on wedding colors, shapes, and flowers, real flowers or imitation flowers. In a perfect world every one agrees on what you like, but more likely they'll all be giving you different advice. Be sure to pick what not only looks great but feels right to you and blends well with your wedding colors. 

Some different types of bouquets are the cascade, hand tied. or tussy mussy. Cascade bouquets are usually rounded with flowers trailing into a V shape at the front. The length of cascade bouquets can vary, from just long enough to cover the hands to touching the floor. Hand-Tied bouquets are flowers tied at the stems, usually with the stems showing beneath the point where they are held. My personal favorite is the Tussy-Mussy these bouquets are Victorian-style bouquets. Generally, the holder is made of metal, and the bouquet is designed to show the holder rather than trail in front and cover it. 

Now start brainstorming those wedding reception decorating ideas. If you have a theme, it can easily be worked into the decorating process. The last thing anyone wants for their wedding is for it to be boring.

Let's talk ' Wedding Reception Venue,' this will help you both to set the desired mood and tone of the entire event. It can cost as much or as little as you would like. It can be in a ballroom, a restaurant, a bar, or you can even hold your wedding reception in your own home. Your wedding theme should generally keep with the overall theme of your wedding. For example using the same wedding colors in the reception as your wedding colors in the actual wedding. All the wedding decorations flowers, tables, chairs, balloons, and wedding favors etc. Weddings are a fun and joyous time to celebrate the special bond of two people. You've thought of every little detail, the wedding colors,bouquets,decorations, now you need to put those thoughts into action.You can also hand make decorations. For brides to be who have busy schedules wedding planners are great choice for planning out the style of your wedding decorations. If you choose to make your wedding decorations It won't be a difficult task, your local craft store is full of beautiful and creative materials to make your wedding decorations out of. 

Craft stores are full of ideas for bouquets and centerpieces. Flowers can be placed in various sized jars with beautiful stones, creating beautiful centerpieces. There are plenty of different colors and sizes to choose from. Be sure the color of the stones match the wedding colors.

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These vases can be used for creating beautiful centerpieces on the tables. Wedding centerpieces are the focal point of the table and should go with the theme and wedding colors of the wedding .The centerpieces should pull together the theme in the reception area. Using natural elements is a great choice with your centerpieces like fruits, vegetables, fresh flowers from the garden, leaves, vines, berries, etc. Home made centerpieces are less expensive and more personal. Centerpieces should be in play with the wedding colors. Make sure your centerpieces don't overpower your tables. Centerpieces are vital to the reception area, A small centerpiece on a huge table equals awkward you get the idea. The wedding centerpiece will be the center of interest on each table.

Determining which flowers to use in the wedding decorations to match your wedding colors is important. Once you have chosen your wedding colors and wedding decorations the flowers will be the easy part. Choosing flowers for your wedding decorations is simple,what you want to do is base your choice on the season roses in the summer, mums in the fall etc. Flower's can represent a feeling or a mood. For example roses represent love which is perfect for a wedding but that's just an example, if roses don't match your wedding colors or season go with something else. Plan out your decorations carefully and most of all be sure to enjoy your day.