There are many different considerations to make when choosing the perfect location and theme for your wedding ceremony, but sticking to your personal style and preferences is going to the the most rewarding way to make your wedding ceremony unique and satisfying. Choosing the location can be a very daunting task, but it doesn't have to be if you know what you want. It is important to think of yourself and your spouse when choosing a ceremony location. A location that means something to both of you is special and can make the ceremony theme magical. It could be a location that resembles the place he proposed. Maybe it reminds you both of a place you frequent as a couple or a romantic vacation you have taken together. A wedding ceremony location should be both personal and meaningful to you as a couple.

Another important factor to remember when picking a location is what the weather is going to be on the big day. Of course you cant know exactly what is going to happen on the day of your wedding as far as the weather goes, but you can be prepared for anything. If you are planning on having a outdoor wedding ceremony, you can choose a location that has an indoor space for you just in case of an unexpected rain shower. The size of your wedding party is also something to consider when choosing a location for your wedding ceremony. Trying to squeeze too many people into a space is going to effect the enjoyment of your guests as well as the overall experience for you and your spouse. There is always a way to accommodate guests as well as choosing the perfect location of a wedding ceremony.

Luckily, there are tons of wedding location ideas for every type of wedding. From churches to even night clubs, it can never be hard to choose where your wedding will be because there are so many options. If you are having trouble choosing a theme, first choosing a location can often help with that issue, or the other way around. Also knowing what type of wedding you want can help you choose the greatest location for your wedding. If you are wanting an intimate and quiet setting for your wedding ceremony, a church might be the best option for you. If you are wanting a more "party" type atmosphere, a cruise ship or a night club could be your first choice.

Making the decision on what type of wedding you and your partner want can also be a major choice in the overall planning of your wedding. A religious ceremony is still one of the most popular types of wedding ceremonies for couples today. Having an inter-faith ceremony is also an option for couples that follow two different faiths. It is quite possible to incorporate two religious backgrounds into one ceremony and many churches will gladly help any couple wishing to do so.

A military type ceremony is perfect if you or your partner are affiliated with the military in any way. This type of ceremony is often held in a military chapel but can be arranged for outdoors or anywhere for that matter. Most often the military person will dress in full uniform for the ceremony, though the bride will probably not choose this option. Military officers will sometimes carry a sword, and usually an "arch of swords" will be formed for the newly married couple to walk through after the ceremony.

Suppose you and your partner want a civil ceremony for the big day, a justice of the peace or a judge will be the one to marry you. This type of ceremony is perfect for couples that may not agree on a religious type wedding and can be preformed at your local County Courthouse or outdoors if you so choose.

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It may sound impersonal and cheap, but a civil union can be just as romantic and blissful as a church wedding. A non-traditional wedding is very similar to a civil one except it may have religious qualities if the couple are members of a non-traditional religion or cannot agree between a religious or civil ceremony. In this case, a officiate from your chosen religion can marry you and your venue may contain bold or minuscule hints of religious elements as you see fit.

Couples that are getting married today can have double ceremonies, where two or more couples can get married at the same time by the same officiate . Couples can even get married over the internet! So no matter which location or type of ceremony you may choose to get married, it is important to remember that you may almost always have the wedding that you have dreamed about all your life. A wedding is the most important day of a couples married life and should not be compromised in any way by limitations when there is so many wonderful choices offered today.