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How to Choose a Wedding DJ

Choosing your wedding DJ is a big decision that should be made after educating yourself. The mood of a wedding is killed if the DJ is bad. The first step in choosing a wedding DJ is making a list of DJs in your area to interview. After interviewing each DJ, make a pros and cons list for each and choose the best candidate for your wedding.

When meeting with each DJ, it's important to ask questions about every aspect of the night. First inquire about his work ethic. What will he wear? What popular songs does he offer? Has he worked at the venue before? Does the total price include all equipment costs, or do you have to pay extra for speakers and audio equipment? What does he do if people are not dancing at your wedding?

Next inquire about the schedule and set list for the night. Will the DJ work as emcee to announce cake cutting, father-daughter dance, first dance, etc..? If he will, can he give you an example of an announcement he would make for the first dance to assure it fits with your idea for the night? How current are his popular songs? Does he work with compact discs or mp3s? If there are a specific popular songs you want for the father-daughter dance, or other dances, will the DJ allow you to bring a CD or mp3 of the song? Will he take requests from you and other guests at the wedding for specific popular songs aside from the first dance and father-daughter dance? Will he have a book of songs that people can request from? Can the DJ mix the popular songs into each other avoid dead air space when people are dancing? Will he leave a space between the first dance and the rest of the playlist? Will he choose the songs or can you tell him what songs you want to hear and don't want to hear? How will he handle the situation if popular songs comes on that you do NOT want to hear or he starts the wrong song during the first dance?

After discussing the music, it's important to discuss the legal issues. Will he offer you a written contract outlining the agreement? Can you meet in person to both sign the contract? Without a contract you are not entitled to any refunds in a legal system. Hiring a DJ isn't cheap and if he fails to show up or does not perform as agreed, a contract will outline exactly what will happen in these situations. Imagine not getting your father-daughter dance or first dance with your husband because the disc jockey didn't show up. You would deserve compensation for your suffering. Any professional DJ should have a contract available and sign without hesitation.

Though you want to be able to trust what he has to say, it's important to witness first hand what his performance is like at weddings. Ask if he has a sample video to view of a performance at a wedding he DJed in the past. Ask if you can see how he handled the first dance and if he chose the song for the first dance or not. Also ask to watch the father-daughter dance because it is one of the most anticipated dances of the evening. Ask him what popular songs were using during the wedding and why the bride and groom chose the popular songs.

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Once you choose the DJ you want, you should book him as soon as possible. Wedding planners will advice one year in advance to assure you have time to work out all the kinks in a play list and allows you to prepare for any problems that may come along the way. However, six months in advance is also acceptable. This is just enough time to also plan exactly what you want. If you need to change DJs for whatever reason, it allows you enough time to find someone new as well.

After booking the music for your wedding, it's important to sit down and think exactly what you expect out of the evening. All of your life you've imagined just what your first dance would be like, so talk with him about what song you want to dance the first dance to. Choose popular songs from the wedding guide or pick a song that is significant to you and the groom. Next choose a song for the father-daughter dance. An appropriate song would be one that speaks to you about the love you share with your father. Popular songs like ""Butterfly Kisses"" and ""My Girl"" are commonly used for the father-daughter dance. After the father-daughter dance, figure out if you want a dance with the son and mother and what song to use. Do not use the same song as the father-daughter dance. Choose a song about everlasting love similar to that of the father-daughter dance.