Thank You Cards

"A Wedding Thank You- How To Guide For New Brides And Brides To Be".

A woman's wedding day should by all rights be one of the most memorable days of her life, and for that to happen it takes a lot of effort from many different people. One of the most polite and socially acceptable ways that a new wife can begin her new life as a newlywed is to begin sending thank you notes for received gifts as soon as the honeymoon is over.

Thank yous and invitations are a time honored tradition of etiquette that says a lot about the woman sending the card. Short but sweet hand written thank yous from a new bride says to the recipient that the sender is a thoughtful and appreciative young woman with an eye for detail and lets them know that their gifts were well appreciated.

People like to know that their efforts and gifts were appreciated and even if they know it already, it's always good to be told. This basic guide gives all the details that you'll need to get every single thank you note written and on its way in good time and in a style that is all your own.

Everyone Has Been So Sweet Who Should Get Thank Yous

People's time and effort are sometimes worth more to us than gifts or cash, and for goodness sake don't forget the little people some of who won't even receive invitations to the wedding. A wedding would hardly ever go off without a hitch without people who go just a little and sometimes a lot out of their way to help out. Below is a list of people that you might consider sending thank you notes to other than the obvious gift givers even if they didn't get invitations to the big event.

There will be many people who received invitations who won't need thank yous and some who didn't receive invitations who should get thank yous. Sometimes it's hard to determine exactly who does and doesn't get wedding thank yous, the list below should give an idea who does and who doesn't get wedding thank yous.

Gift givers of all types should get personal notes along with their thank yous that mention what the gift was.

o Engagement

o Bridal Shower

o Wedding

o Group gifts

Gifts of money in any form deserves special attention and a very courteous thank you along with an explanation of what the money was spent for of what you plan to spend it on. (It is perfectly acceptable if you choose not to explain a simple thank you will do)

o Cash

o Checks

o Deposits into your bank or savings account

o Donations to your favorite charity (In your name of course)

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Your Personal Attendants before, during and after the Wedding these special people should be given small gift along with a heartfelt note of gratitude. This includes but is not limited to the following:

o Bridesmaids, groomsmen

o Maid of honor, best man

o Hair stylist, make up person right down to the niece who filled out the invitations

Party Host should be sent or hand delivered if possible a small gift along with a thank you note. The thank you and gift should be sent within days of the party and if the party has more than one host each host should be thanked separately.

o Wedding showers

o Receptions

o Bachelorette parties

Guest Host these are people who really go out of their way to help by housing and or entertaining out of town visitors and wedding guest before and after the wedding. They should be sent a small gift and a thank you from the newly married couple.

The People Who Are Paying For The Wedding These people should receive many thanks, hugs and kisses for a lifetime from yourself, your new husband and their Grandchildren to be.

Of course there will be other people that you will want to thank because they were kind or helpful there is no rule that says that you cannot send thank you notes whoever you want.

o Friends

o Neighbors

o Vendors

Keep A List Of Who Gave What Gifts

The best way to prepare yourself for the task of sending Thank yous is to begin at the beginning when you send out the invitations. You'll need a list of all the guest names and address for the invitations, when you make this list make a second copy for your thank you notes after the honeymoon. Of course you'll need to add more names to the list later.

This is so very important because the best thank you notes will mention the gift that was given. Unless the gift was cash in which case it is always most appreciated if you can mention what the money was spent for, although it is not necessary.

When To Send Thank You Cards or Notes

Thank you notes should be sent as soon as possible, some say that the new wife has up to a year to send thank you notes. However, it is most polite to send them as soon as possible actually within two or three months is most appropriate.

What Should A Well Written Thank You Note Say

Short, sweet and to the point is always best for thank you notes. In your own hand writing, never typed thank the giver for the gifts or services making sure to mention what the gift. If the gift was money mentioning what the money was spent for is always nice but, not required.