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Boeckelmann Studios is a local studio offering a more personalized and boutique experience for your wedding day. Most of our brides opt for our all-inclusive package, however we do have custom options available. All of our options come with a wedding day CD, touchups, digital negatives and print release. We find that presenting you with a bulleted list of pr... (read more)


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Regular Package
All Packages Include: Wedding Consultation Online Proofing for 6 months 2 Photographers Flashdrive with ALL images Print Release Packages starting at $1,950



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  • Connie Eimer
    1 year ago
    Quality of Service (1.0/5)
    Professionalism (1.0/5)
    Value (1.0/5)
    I booked with this lady for my wedding in January and received my images and videos in December; Almost a year later! We had a signed contract that said she would record 5 hours of videography and 1 hour of photography. We paid her $ 815.55 for everything and she tried to charge us $300 more just to keep the images we already paid for. She never finished the video and she wouldn't post all the images she took online for us to look at. For good reason, they were terrible! The family group shots were the worst of the all, and that was the main reason I hired her. The people in the back of every picture had black shadows on their faces. And most of the other pictures were blurry and unclear. As I did more research, we found out that this lady has had a history of changing her business names after customers have been scammed for money. The pictures from her website belonged to other, actual, professional, photographers and she lied saying her photographer in training was taking the videos for her, when really it was her all along. By the end of it all, we received 63 unedited pictures and quite a few CDs with raw video clips that on average were only 5 to 7 seconds long. The only reason I was able to get all of this after almost a year, was because we mentioned a law suit after the deadline of December 1st. If we had not pushed for our wedding images and videos, we would have been left with no memories for our later generations, because she asked all my relatives to refrain from taking any pictures or video while she was around. So none of my family or friends were able to take any other pictures or video of the most important day of my life.


Company Detail
Contact Name:
Boeckelmann Studios LLC
Are there any additional services you provide?
Wedding Photography. Wedding Videography. Boudoir. Engagement Photography.
Can you provide references upon request?
Do you have liability insurance?
Do you require a deposit beforehand?
How far in advance should clients book your services?
3 months - 6 months.
What languages do you speak?
How many photographers do you provide?
I can provide up to three photographers, and one videographer.
What style of photography do you practice?
Contemporary, Photojournalism
What is included in your packages?
Depends on if you want a PhotoBooth, Videographer or Photographer.
What format are the proofs offered in?
Are images available for viewing online?
Do you charge for travel expenses? How much?
Destination weddings (Flight, Hotel, Food) St Louis Weddings 100 miles from studio included.
Additional details:
You can’t afford not to hire me. Yeah, that’s a double-negative. But I’m a positive girl so somehow that statement makes sense to me. You can easily find less expensive photographers, but in the end, it’s the photos that matter. I can’t tell you how many clients of mine came to me after already suffering through the process of working with cheaper services – ultimately costing them more in the long run. If you’re reading this page, you already know I have the skills and enthusiasm to make you look your best. The only thing left is price and availability. My general pricing is below (current wedding package pricing must be requested – click “contact” at the top of this page), but much of what I do is the result of custom proposals. Just contact me and provide as much info as you can and I’ll get back to you with an estimate within 24 hours.