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At Witness to Love Weddings we celebrate all loving couples.  We specialize in romantic, personalized weddings.  Whether you are planning to get married next year, next week or today- we have the perfect wedding ceremony for you.

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Ceremony Packages at a glance:


$50.00 at my office during business hours

$75.00 at your location or on weekends

Short & Sweet ceremonies:


Short & Sweeter ceremonies:


TLC ceremonies are fully customizable.  Please call 601-405-3940 for a quote.

Visit for a full list of our ceremony packages.

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FAQs - Witness to Love Weddings

Contact Name:
Ms. Bear Hailey Atwood
Are there any additional services you provide?
I also officiate at other life cycle events such as baby naming ceremonies, funerals and memorial services.
Can you provide references upon request?
Do you require a deposit beforehand?
How far in advance should clients book your services?
I will always try to accommodate a couple on short notice, but if you are planning a Saturday wedding in the spring or early summer, book early.
What languages do you speak?
What religious/cultural affiliations do you provide services for?
Agnostic, Christian (no denomination)
Do you provide or require pre-marital counseling?
Do you allow couples to customize parts of the ceremony if they desire?
How far will you travel to perform a service?
I will travel up to 100 miles, but a travel fee will be added for any distance over 30 miles.