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Fine fashion jewelry for your wedding, rehearsal dinner, honeymoon and the rest of your life! Host a Park Lane bridal shower, and get your wedding ensemble free! Maybe even take care of your bridesmaids too! Groomsmen will like our men's collection as well.

Packages - Park Lane Jewelry


* Spend $30 retail, get 1 item equal to the value of purchase for $14

** Spend $60 retail, get TWO items equal to the value of your purchase for $14 each

*** Spend $90 in retail, you will receive THREE items valued at the total you spent for $14 each, plus one more FREE!  Ex: if you spend $100 retail, you can receive FOUR $100-value items ($400 total) for $42!


5-Star Hostess Plan has 5 levels of savings for our hosts. You earn FREE and discounted jewelry. Most hosts earn $500 free (just pay the tax on it) for hosting an average bridal show. Many brides get much more than that!


Park Lane Jewelry is the #1 direct-seller of jewelry in the world! They have the most lucrative compensation plan in the industry. Ask me how to get started and make some extra money to pay for your wedding, honeymoon or that new car you've been wanting.

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FAQs - Park Lane Jewelry

Contact Name:
Are there any additional services you provide?
Personal appointments, consultation for jewelry to go with dress

Bridal Showers! A great way to make your shower super-easy and you get lots of free jewelry!
Can you provide references upon request?
Do you have liability insurance?
Do you require a deposit beforehand?
How far in advance should clients book your services?
1-2 weeks out
What languages do you speak?
English only, but I have Spanish speakers on my team.
What accessories do you provide?
Jewelry - necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings
Does a client need to schedule an appointment? How do the appointments work?
Just call or text and let me know if you are looking for just a personal appointment or if you want to host a bridal shower. A bridal shower will need a little more time for planning, usually 3-4 weeks.
What brands do you carry?
Park Lane Jewelry
Is your jewelry hand crafted?
No, but the company has multiple designers and many pieces are designer-inspired.
Do you offer custom designs?
No, but I offer suggestions for pairing jewelry
Do you offer ring sizing in-house? If yes, how long will an average custom order take, from initial contact to delivery?
Rings are ordered in the size determined at the appointment (will provide a ring sizer) and orders usually take about a week.
Do you offer stone upgrades if the client purchases their original stone with you?
Do you offer a payment plan?
Are you a credentialed Jeweler?
Do you provide warranty on your jewelry?
The company provides a lifetime warranty, no restrictions.