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High end, handmade stainless steel forever roses - made to last a liftime and beyond. Beautiful new, unique options for bouquets, center pieces, bridesmades flowers, etc etc just dont throw them!

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FAQs - Custom Artisan Co

Contact Name:
Dylan Costello
Are there any additional services you provide?
Custom color matching of dresses, themes, styles, and any other custom ideas you have to make your special day even more special.
Can you provide references upon request?
Do you have liability insurance?
Do you require a deposit beforehand?
How far in advance should clients book your services?
quantity dependent, for large custom orders, its best to contact us as early as possible, but we can generally get big orders out within a week or less.
What languages do you speak?
What type of floral arrangements do you provide?
bridal, centerpieces, table displays, gifts, etc etc
Do you offer other services including Delivery and Setup?
Do you provide any additional decorations (i.e. vases, candles, etc.)?
Do you use locally grown flowers?
Additional details:
we can handle any custom orders or ideas you may have. Why waste money on a florist who provides flowers that die within a few days of your wedding. these will last a lifetime and each rose comes with a life time warranty. 100% satisfaction at all costs!