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Family owned and operate retail Bridal and formal wear shop. We try to cater to the Bride's special needs with choosing her unique wedding dress and all her needs for her and her party. Once a Bride makes her selection, we offer the best deal on a price for her budget. We are family so our commitment is to assist the Bride in evry w...

Family owned  and operate retail Bridal and  formal wear shop.  We try  to cater to the Bride's special needs with choosing  her unique  wedding  dress  and all her needs for her  and  her  party.  Once a Bride makes her  selection, we offer  the  best deal on a  price  for her budget. 

We  are  family  so our commitment is  to  assist  the Bride in  evry  way  to  her satisfaction because  we  want  her  to  be  able  to  say "yes" to  the  dress  of  her  dreams  and  we  feel  sure  she can  find  it  here.  We  also  do special  orders. 

One  of our vendors  even offers a  "borrow dress" plan if  a  Bride  is unsure,  but  there  is  a  small fee  which is  applied  to  the purchase  of  the  dress if  she  so  chooses.

We  do  all  we know  to  do so  the  Bride  will  feel  very  special because  she  is.

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