Grooms Attire

You are about to make documented history. Regardless of whether we are aware of it or not each day we make decisions that become historical. Ordinarily these decisions go primarily unnoticed because they are not significant enough for the publication in the broadcast or print media. Those decisions include what to wear each day, whether or not to shave, grow a mustache or perhaps a beard. All these decisions are historical. It is through our decisions we make history and leave footprints back in time. When a decision is made to propose to someone that declaration is a historical one and certainly unique. The same moment in time will never again be captured. Moving forward with plans, once the proposal accepted, comes the wedding day. Once again a historical decision will have to be made on the part of the groom. The grooms attire, and what style of tuxedo that will best represent the unique occasion of marriage, will have to be decided on. Additionally, there are grooms accessories to be considered that will enhance the special occasion.

The grooms attire will likely be photographed prior to the wedding moment. Perhaps these photos will begin at the rental company or at the very least, when the tuxedo is tailored to fit the groom properly. The grooms attire will be documented in such a way that the chronological series of events to take place prior to the wedding, and during the wedding will become a pictorial history of the unique day. It is said that one picture is worth a thousand words. Indeed, this will be true in the future when the couple have children. These photographs will be viewed as family heritage and the pictures themselves will be a detailed account of the wedding day with facial expressions describing thoughts as the scene taking place is captured on film. In the future, not only the couple's children, but also their grandchildren and great-grandchildren will likely have the pleasure of seeing these pictures. The grooms attire and his selection of tuxedo will be viewed in the future by literally hundreds of people. Therefore, the grooms accessories will also play an important part in reflecting his taste and style of the time as they are observed in photographs.

When decisions are made regarding the grooms attire or the grooms accessories, it really comes down to an individual's taste. When considering your taste keep in mind that the tuxedo itself has been evolving since the late 1860s. During this time in Britain the middle and upper classes wanted an alternative to formal daywear traditionally worn in the cities and larger town's. When people socialized during this time, outdoor activities such as croquet were becoming quite popular. Therefore, gentlemen in the country regions began to envision some creative modifications that would maintain their social status beyond those formal tales that were being worn. It was the Prince of Wales, who later became Edward VII of the United Kingdom, who was ordering from his tailor shop a tailless dinner jacket in the mid-1880s. From this point the tuxedo in its earliest forms began its history as being a gentleman's proper attire for dining out on the town, and it evolved into the grooms attire.

Again, the tuxedo is truly a personal choice, given all the various styles and colored versions that are now available. Decisions will have to be made regarding the tuxedo traits, which also affect the grooms accessories. These traits include a two or three button style, whether to have one with flap pockets and vents. The grooms accessories include whether or not to maintain the traditional black tuxedo jacket with accessorized striped pants or to develop a unique style originated by the groom himself with the tailor shop. The grooms accessories are certainly special judgments particularly if there will be notched lapels for a boutonniere, an important small badge or pin, or other specialty jewelry items.

Footwear has changed over the decades and is still an important part of the grooms accessories. Grooms have worn patent leather shoes, matte finished shoes, and even some very unconventional non-formal footwear especially in the 1960s and 70s. A decision regarding the style and color of shirt, whether it be traditional, or with ruffled cuffs will also reflect the individual taste and be documented in photographs. In addition, consideration as to whether or not a bow tie would be appropriate or to join what is vogue in the present day, such as wearing long ties will be yet another decision to be made on the grooms attire.

Often times, it is helpful to have additional points of view when making decisions on the style of tuxedo that you wear, which will be captured in time by photographs. Having your best man accompany you along with additional friends is always a comforting way to brainstorm the grooms attire. Because this is a way that the groom will come to see how his friends envision him. This is also a time that the groom will come to realize more about himself as he makes decisions on the tuxedo and what will become the grooms accessories that will express his inner man on the wedding day.

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