Do It Yourself Ideas

Planning a wedding can be very overwhelming, a bride must think about every detail from flowers, to music to food, to where everyone is going to sit. More importantly a wedding can become extremely expensive very quickly if you are not careful. However, a great way of taking control of your wedding plans and making sure you do not over spend is simply by making a budget and do-it-yourself instead of hiring someone to put it together.

A simple do-it-yourself item is by making the centerpieces yourself, and remembering that they do not have to be extravagant. A phrase that will become your best friend while planning your wedding is ""simple is better"", you will be amazed at how something simple can look better than some extravagant over the top piece. You can either do some origami, maybe a picture of you and the groom in a fun way. This is a great way for you to be creative and make it fun for yourself.

Another DIY tip is the cake, to some brides this is a non?negotiable area they want the most extravagant cake there is. However, if you can forgo this idea you can save quite a bit in this one area. Many times you do not have to sacrifice having an awesome cake either, chances are you know someone who can make a cake, which will still look awesome and can be creative. You may also be able to do-it-yourself that will fit your style more than one that you could buy.

One of the most expensive aspects of a wedding can be the photographer, now while it is probably be best to have a professional photographer during the wedding ceremony and even pictures outside of the ceremony. A DIY way to cut back is to buy some disposable cameras and put them on the tables at the reception. This way it gives your guests a way to have some fun and you have several photographers instead of just one. Do-it-yourself photography may seem a little crazy but in the end you will be glad that you did when you stay on budget and have unique pictures from your friends.

You may also be thinking about hiring a videographer for the whole wedding day, a great DIY way to save money and stay on budget is to simply ask a friend to do video for you. Now you will want to make sure that this friend knows how to handle a video camera and will be able to focus on what is important. This could actually be better than hiring a professional videographer because a friend can have more fun with it, can ask people questions at the reception, and be more personal with what he records. Remember that when making any decision such as videographer or photographer is budget, you want to stick to your budget. Which is why if you can do-it-yourself or have a friend do it for you than you should

Another great DIY idea is skip the catering. Now some may think that this is a horrible, scary idea, but most people who cater weddings are extremely over priced and will cost you most of your budget. Now since it is your wedding day you will not have the time to do-it-yourself so ask some friends to help out, or ask people to bring their favorite dish. You can also just buy some Hors d'oeuvres and make it a lighter reception.

Now you may think that DIY with food for wedding will look too cheap, or that the food will not be any good. However, you will be able to serve better food for a lower price because you are not paying for the name of the caterer. You can also offer your guests more of a variety and you do not have to worry about that one picky guest who has to be kosher, or vegetarian.

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The idea of a do-it-yourself wedding may seem scary and maybe even a little more overwhelming than when you first started planning. However, if you take one item at a time and see where you can cut back, stay on budget and DIY, you will see how easy it is.

Now this is your special day, you want it to be nice and something to remember, absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, they key to remember is that it is only one day; you do not want to go so much off budget where you blow your life savings on one day if you do not have to by simply taking one some do-it-yourself ideas. Also the more money you save on simple DIY ideas the more you can save on your honeymoon. So when you think about making a budget up and where you want to spend money, think do you want to seem like you spent a lot of money centerpieces or splurge for that cruise you always dreamed of. DIY ideas save money without sacrificing the quality of your wedding; they only improve your honeymoon and your future life together.