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Worst Makeup Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Jamie Street on UnsplashYou want to look flawless on your wedding day. Your makeup is no exception. Even if you are having your makeup done professionally, you still need to watch out for these mistakes:Makeup that doesn't match your skin toneThis is a shockingly common makeup mishap and it's also one...

This Paralyzed Bride is an Inspiration!

via ABC NewsJaquie Goncher not only looked stunning on her wedding day, she had a beautiful story to tell as well. Eight years before her wedding, Goncher, an artist and photographer from Georgia, was paralyzed after breaking her neck diving into her friend’s swimming pool. She has had to use a...

How to Handle a Groomzilla

A groom… what? Wait, aren’t the zillas referred to of the bridal persuasion? Nope, not always.The groomzilla is the elusive creature, but he does exist. He cares just as much about the details of the wedding as the bride – sometimes more – and he feels just as much pressure to...

How to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

Let’s be real, our pets stole our heart long before our hubby did. They stood by us through every breakup and every terrible date, offering solace and comfort in the way only animals can. You can’t imagine your life without your pet, so why should you imagine your wedding day without...

Questions Every Bride is Sick of Hearing

Brooke Cagle on UnsplashAs every bride-to-be knows (or will soon find out) there are a series of questions that every bride will be subjected to long before the actual date of the wedding. We have compiled a list of post-engagement questions that many brides find too annoying to answer time and...

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