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Watching his bride glide down the wooden steps, the look of bliss on Ean Goldberg's face quickly turned into bewilderment.Instead of a beautiful white gown, his bride-to-be, Erin, was wearing her pajamas. Erin smiled back at her husband-to-be wearing a cat shirt from Walmart she got as a teenager, finishing off...

It’s that darn Murphy’s Law. When you least expect it, something seems to go wrong and always at the wrong time. This little thing called “life” hides all sorts of surprises that we don’t foresee and unfortunately your honeymoon is no exception. There have been stories of hurricanes and floods, hotels...

On November 27, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their wedding and left everybody overjoyed. As the world erupts in celebration, everybody is asking the same questions: how did the two meet? When did they fall in love? And most importantly, when is the special day? In honor of the new...

Sadly, Grooms-seem to be the ones that all of the neglect fall on during the wedding planning month. So what is a bride to do when it comes to making her man feels important and loved? Here are a few suggestions that will keep the love alive during those long, lonely...

Looking for something unique to wear on your wedding day? You might want to check out these stunning kimonos. Kyoto-based brand Watabe Wedding has transformed the traditional kimono's furisode -- or "swinging sleeves" -- into a breathtakingly beautiful modern avant-garde strapless gown collection called called Shoen. The set features five for-rent...

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