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Our Wedding Themes & Styles

CONGRATS on your engagement! <3 We are really happy for you! We are husband and wife team, and we'd love to be a part of your special day! We do everything from traditional to candid, journalistic, creative shots, and will make sure to capture every special moment possible for your wedding! Our goal is to make it easy, relaxed, and no stress for you ... (read more)

Some old examples!

• Discounted engagement photography session.

• Approx. 800-3,000 pictures per venue
• Full editing of photos (special effects included).
• Finalized DVDs/CDs of photos.
• Full printing rights.
• Special Slideshow With Music (optional)

CALL SARA TO TALK ABOUT YOUR BUDGET!  ...And to find out how we can serve you best on your special day!  ♥

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  • C. Edward Sellner
    2 years ago
    Quality of Service (1.0/5)
    Professionalism (1.0/5)
    Value (0.0/5)
    I'm going to be honest up front... I've not used this services, I'm writing this review based on a review of their posted samples and work, and based on their professionalism in public online settings. This company repeatedly, despite being asked politely to stop, despite having posts asking them to stop, and despite complaints lodged, spams Craigslist with NUMEROUS ads daily, in categories where they clearly don't belong, such as ACTIVITY PARTNER, or GROUPS. They have even apologized in their ad, admitting the ad was placed where it wasn't supposed to be, and admitting they were 'interrupting' what anyone might actually be looking for, JUST IN CASE we also need a photographer? Really? I find that an appalling lack of professionalism and professional maturity to say the least. Before I slammed them in public, I thought I'd at least check out their work. I'm not a photographer, I don't know the skills to take great photos. I am however a professional graphic designer and artist who has worked with numerous photos, and a retired man of the cloth who has seen more than my share of wedding and professional family photos. The stuff is extremely amateur. There seems to be no comprehension of lighting, variety in lens or any other factor to improve the quality of photos. They post samples of cute photoshop effects my kids can do with their cell phones as if this shows off their skills. Considering, I'm not surprised they feel desperate enough to post 30+ ads daily in multiple areas and categories hoping to drum up business and focus on how they can work with any budget. Again, never met them, but you can tell a lot about a business based on how they present themselves publicly online, and if so, this company is one to avoid.